2021 – The Year of the Corporate Tax Professional

Buried in Tax Notices, Author Rick Pinkerman on CFO Outlook

Rick Pinkerman introduces NOTICENINJA

“Regardless of your business, most likely, you received a tax or compliance notice from one of the many government agencies," Rick explained in his introduction to the notice-handling platform. "This also, of course, includes the IRS.

"If I just rang a bell with this statement," he added, "depending on the size or your organization, you could be receiving one of many different notices every day.”


Our key takeaway from this: 2021 is the year of the corporate tax professional. Their jobs are more challenging and more crucial to business operations than ever before. That's where Notice Ninja comes to make analysts' and managers' lives easier.


Our CPO and co-founder, Rick Pinkerman, provided his insights on the increasing number of CFOs in 2021 that are seeing more and more tax notices every year since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with no end to the increases in sight in the subsequent years. To read more about how Rick weighed in on this issue, visit the original post on CFO Outlook by clicking the button below.