Is it real or is it a scam?  That’s the one question many tax professionals need to answer as their clients bring notices in the mail or relay phone calls or emails that they received claiming a problem with their tax accounts.  Here are the three biggest issues:

  1. Scammers are out there, and they continue to prey on the most vulnerable of taxpayers.  The latest IRS Dirty Dozen list warns about phone calls and emails targeting senior citizens and groups with limited English proficiency.  But even tax pros and sophisticated taxpayers can get suckered in by fake IRS notices, phishing, and pandemic-related scams.  Our information is out there and being sold on the dark web by some unscrupulous characters, so vigilance is essential when it comes to any financial requests from anybody.
  2. The IRS makes mistakes and sends out incorrect or confusing notices.  Computers can generate millions of notices with ease these days, but many of these notices are poorly worded, incomplete, or sent out in error.
  3. While some notices may get lost in the mail, a bigger problem is that recipients deliberately or inadvertently lose or ignore them.  Tax professionals often see more urgent third or fourth notices that reference earlier notices that can’t be found. 

What’s the answer to the question is it real?  You would have to go to the source- the IRS, and they are notoriously hard to reach, even at phone numbers on the notice.  A better solution for tax professionals today is form 8821- Tax Information

Authorization, which means the tax pro gets all legitimate notices the same time as the client.  The best new solution is online tax pro and client accounts at, which allow immediate online access without waiting for IRS processing.

Once you have the notice from the IRS or other government agency you can scan it into NoticeNinja and simply follow the guided workflow to complete and close the notice for your client. Track all communications and documents associated with the notice in a single repository, built for tax professionals.


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Written by Dan Connors, edited by NoticeNinja


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