Join NoticeNinja CEO Rick Pinkerman in collaboration with Maggie Crowley and Karl Sussan of Leyton for a Mini-Webinar on the ABC’s of ERC. Save up to $33K per employee.


  1. The ABC’s of ERC.
  2. What is ERC?
    1. ERC
      1. Gross Receipts
      2. PPP Loans
      3. Qualifying Wages
      4. Changes in Legislation
      5. Case Study
  3. How ERC Notices are managed with NOTICENINJA.
  4. Visualize all notice workflows in a single solution.


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Introducing Notice Ninja, a revolutionary platform that helps businesses simplify their compliance and regulatory obligations. With the aim of empowering businesses and minimizing legal risks, Notice Ninja provides comprehensive and automated solutions for various compliance needs, including wage and hour laws, labor laws, and safety regulations.


In collaboration with Leyton's Maggie Crowley and Karl Sussan, Notice Ninja CEO Rick Pinkerman is excited to present a Mini-Webinar on the ABC's of ERC. The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a valuable incentive program that offers eligible businesses up to $33K per employee. However, many businesses are not aware of the ERC or the complex requirements necessary to claim the credit.


During this Mini-Webinar, Pinkerman, Crowley, and Sussan will provide attendees with a clear understanding of the ERC and the steps businesses can take to claim the credit. By attending this webinar, businesses can gain valuable insights into the ERC, learn how to maximize their savings, and ensure compliance with the program's requirements.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from compliance and incentive experts and take advantage of the valuable benefits offered by the ERC. Register now for the Mini-Webinar on the ABC's of ERC and start saving today with Notice Ninja.