Virtual Congress, June 21-22 2023


Get ready for an exceptional experience at the upcoming 2023 Virtual Congress & Expo as Notice Ninja, the leading provider of modern SaaS CRM for notice compliance, takes center stage! We are thrilled to bring our innovative solutions to this premier online event, where professionals like you can connect, learn, and explore the latest trends in our industry.




At Notice Ninja, we understand the critical importance of notice compliance in today's complex business landscape. With our focus on avoiding costly penalties and streamlining compliance management, we have become the trusted partner for many of the world's largest corporations and service providers.

During the Virtual Congress & Expo, we invite you to visit our virtual booth, where you'll have the opportunity to discover our comprehensive suite of services. Learn how our cutting-edge technology and automation can revolutionize your notice tracking, amended returns, and related tasks, ensuring seamless compliance and mitigating risk.


Our expert team will be available at the booth to provide live demos, answer your questions, and discuss how Notice Ninja can tailor our solutions to meet your specific compliance needs. Witness firsthand how our digitized, automated notice compliance platform can simplify your workflows, enhance collaboration, and save valuable time and resources.


In addition to our booth presence, we are excited to announce that Notice Ninja will be hosting an engaging workshop on "Navigating the Complexities of Notice Compliance in the Digital Age." Join us to gain valuable insights into the regulatory landscape, industry best practices, and the strategies you need to keep your business compliant and protected.


The 2023 Virtual Congress & Expo is your gateway to networking with industry professionals, connecting with fellow experts, and staying ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in notice compliance solutions. Mark your calendar for the event, happening from June 21st-22nd, 2023 at the virtual venue


Stay tuned to our website and follow us on social media for exciting updates and exclusive offers for event attendees. We can't wait to virtually meet you at the 2023 Virtual Congress & Expo and showcase how Notice Ninja can transform your notice compliance processes!