(Originally posted on Money Matters)

Rick Pinkerman Launches NoticeNinja: Money Matters Podcast


New startup alert! In this episode, Adam Torres and Rick Pinkerman, CEO and Co Founder at NoticeNinja, explore the recent product launch along with plans for NoticeNinja going forward.




About Our Co-Founder, Rick Pinkerman

He has had the pleasure of working in the payroll and tax industry technology for over 30 years. His focus has been on streamlining back-office processes and procedures. He enjoys creating simple solutions based on complex processes. He has designed and developed over 500 applications that helped streamline many back-office processes for payroll and tax service providers. Rick has designed and built systems from time clock systems, payroll interfaces, amended returns workflows, 401ks, EE and ER online portals, vendor service, insurance carrier integrations, APIs into 3rd party applications to building tax compliance workflows, dashboards, and much more.


He developed his first Tax Issue Tracking System in 1998 to help control his tax department’s resources. At that time they were going through a back-office software conversion with over 2,400 FEINs and over 6,400 TINs, and receiving hundreds of agency notices per month.


Along with the rest of the Notice Ninja team, Rick's specialties include Operations, Notice Compliance, Process Automation, Software UI/UX Design, Database Design, Workflow Automation, Tax Processing, Software Development, Team Building, Leadership, Machine Learning and AI.


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