Why Manual Handling Does Not Compare to Automation Software

Manual handling of paperwork like tax notices is tedious, cumbersome, and error-prone. It poses too big of a risk of incorrect or delayed responses and improper record-keeping. Those risks are particularly costly when they involve tax notices, which require prompt and accurate responses to maintain good standing with the IRS 

Switching to automation software reduces or eliminates manual management, making your responses faster, more accurate, and less burdensome. See how tax notice automation software from NOTICENINJA can help and learn more about reducing notice handling time. 


Streamline Notice Handling With NOTICENINJA 

When your organization has a manual tax notice handling process, there are several stages: 

  • Someone must receive the notice and review it to learn its contents. 
  • They must accurately record and categorize the notice before assigning it to the proper person. 
  • Take the correct action—such as sharing the information, sending a response, or posting a payment—within the required deadline. 
  • Employees must create a detailed record of actions taken in the event of a review, audit, or second notice. 

There's too much room for error or delay at every step if a task is forgotten or takes too long to get approval. Without software managing the process, your company is at risk with every notice. But tax notice automation software can help companies instantly optimize how to reduce notice handling time with these functions: 

  • Upload document details from a scan through OCR technology, automatically filling in the proper fields 
  • Generate and assign tasks to the appropriate personnel 
  • Alert employees when they have pending tasks or upcoming deadlines 
  • Thoroughly document every step taken with time stamps and clear historical record


Stay on Top of Deadlines 

You must respond promptly and accurately whenever your organization receives a tax notice. Failing to do so could result in fines, audits, and staying in bad standing with the IRS. Through automation software like NOTICENINJA, you can create workflows for every type of tax notice. Using our standard and customizable workflow options, you can automatically trigger the start of multi-stage tasks whenever a notice is scanned into the program. 

Employees benefit from clear directions and standardized, organized processes that leave no room for confusion. Automatic workflows also minimize transitional delays and bottlenecks. Key stakeholders can stay on top of all notice records by reviewing the timelines and status updates for all active and past notices. 


Upload Quickly with NOTICENINJA's Scanning Technology 

It all starts with a simple upload. NOTICENINJA uses cutting-edge scanning technology so operators can scan in a mailed notice and instantly generate a text-based PDF. OCR scan-to-capture technology quickly converts the image to searchable text, and the software can then plug in the details to the appropriate fields. Everyone with access to the record can see the deadline, notice type, and action steps. 


Respond Quickly with Pre-Set Templates 

There are dozens of notice types, ranging from late payment notices to payroll tax notices. They all typically trigger one of three actions from the company:  

  • Providing new information to update their notice process 
  • Responding to an inquiry 
  • Requesting unpaid money or sending overpaid amounts  

When a tax notice requires a response, you can get the ball rolling with our library of pre-made templates. Your internal or third-party tax officials can select the correct template based on the notice type and the nature of your response. Then, they can verify the details and send it off with minimal delay or cost. 


Eliminate Manual Handling and Switch to Automation With NOTICENINJA 

Tax notice automation software eliminates the challenges of manual processes. It offers fast notice processing, clear-cut strategies for reducing notice handling time, and all the resources companies need from start to finish. NOTICENINJA is designed to help companies thrive by efficiently managing every tax notice. Reach out today to learn more and see how NOTICENINJA can transform your processes.