Why Your Compliance Team Needed Automation Yesterday
Why Your Compliance Team Needed Automation Yesterday

Maintaining timely tax notice handling keeps your business prepared for potential audits, compliance checks, or accessing tax documents. Upholding that compliance standard requires many hours to alert the proper personnel and keep clear records. However, manually organizing notices is tedious and risky, as accidental human errors can lead to massive oversights.  


We'll review multiple benefits of tax notice automation and how switching away from manual processes helps your company. We'll also review our comprehensive tax notice automation software – NOTICENINJA – to demonstrate how it can help your business grow. 


Tax Notice Automation Makes Compliance Easier 

Consider all the manual processes involved in managing tax notices, which could involve the following: 

  • Scanning the document to create a PDF or image file 
  • Inputting the relevant details (such as the date, type of notice, address, etc.) into a new data record 
  • Creating and assigning a task for further processing 
  • Adding metadata to the record 
  • Filing away the paper document 
  • Following up with internal employees or accountants regarding the next steps 


These steps prepare your business to address any action the notice requires but do not address it themselves. Automation software handles these prerequisite steps, reducing the company's tasks to only a few actions. NOTICENINJA's automation software can scan notices and autofill them into your database, creating a workflow for all relevant personnel to easily access information regarding each notice. 


Tax notice automation software benefits businesses by ensuring compliance with fewer steps, making it easier to stay on top of critical responsibilities with less work needed. 


Automated Input Function Fills Crucial Time Gaps 

Manual operations take significantly more time than automated processes. NOTICENINJA reduces the time it takes your team to handle tax notices. With our software, you can quickly process new tax notices, ensure the correct response is underway, and continue with other work tasks.  


NOTICENINJA's OCR scan-to-capture technology helps streamline notice uploading, saving time and energy. Once you scan a notice, NOTICENINJA converts it to editable text, creating a searchable record in your tax notice database. The text can also automatically route to the relevant fields of a new document record, filling in information like the notice number, the date, the required response date, and other details without any manual data entry. 


A high-performance scanner, like ScanSnap, can help further reduce the time it takes to input notices. ScanSnap is a popular tool for high-performance, fast scanning that aids businesses that need to process long or many documents throughout the day.  


Tracking notices through manual Excel spreadsheets requires spending time trying to find notices, confirm details, and ensure all tasks are being completed. It is tedious and introduces significant risk where items are missed.  


Simplifies Solutions to Achieve More with Fewer People 

NOTICENINJA also makes managing notice projects and accessing records easier, making it possible for smaller teams to keep up with high notice volumes. The software provides an interactive dashboard that shows new notice records, incomplete tasks, reports, and libraries of workflow documents or past notices, giving teams instant access to see what work still needs to be done. Our software also includes templates for common IRS notice responses, making it simpler to respond to IRS questions and documentation requests or inquire about incorrect fees.


See How Automation with NOTICENINJA Makes Compliance Faster and Easier 

Automation makes handling, organizing, and responding to tax notices easier. See fewer delays and lose fewer notices in the shuffle. NOTICENINJA can translate paper documents into digital files and records, getting you started on the next line of communication.


Learn more abouthow our softwarecan keep your company in good standing with the IRS and provide other benefits of tax compliance.