The Inspiring Poet Behind

Lois Fried is an accomplished poet who has been actively involved in the poetry community for years. Born and raised in Brenham, Texas, she left the state to pursue a degree in journalism in California before settling down in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a member of the California Poetry Society and regularly reads her work at open mic events such as the Belmont Library Poetry Group and Cafe Zoë in Menlo Park, CA.


In addition to her involvement in the poetry community, Lois has also served as a judge for Youth Poetry Contests held in San Mateo County, California. She is a talented writer who has shared her work before large audiences at national conferences, including a podcast for the American Payroll Association (APA).

Despite spending over thirty-five years in corporate America as a manager, speaker, leader, and trainer, Lois always found time to write poetry. Her debut book, "So Great the Journey," reflects her passion for poetry and the creative arts.



All Things Springtime

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Springtime has cast its early glow

with primroses and daffodils dropping colors

of soothing optimism


Bluebirds with new birdsongs, beckons us to sing along

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Aromatic lilacs pop seamlessly out of the ground,

with fragrances to kickstart a happy morning

Diving ducks, water birds, and geese glide peacefully

in the lagoon, waiting to feel the raindrops of showers coming soon


Putting away heavy coats, caps, navy blues, blacks, and grays

Looking forward to lighter, brighter colors, and longer days

Springtime—playful, nice and innocent





One of Lois's most popular poems is "All Things Springtime," which beautifully captures the essence of the season. The imagery of the primroses and daffodils dropping colors of soothing optimism, along with the bluebirds singing new birdsongs, evokes a sense of renewal and hope that comes with spring.


Lois will be joining Notice Ninja at APA's 41st Annual Congress Convention & Expo this May 16, 2023- May 19, 2023, for a book signing. It's a fantastic opportunity for her to connect with readers, share her work, and expand her audience.


It's inspiring to see someone like Lois who has been able to balance a successful career with pursuing her passion for poetry. Her dedication and talent are a testament to the importance of following one's dreams and never giving up on one's creative pursuits.


Lois is a talented and inspiring poet who has made significant contributions to the poetry community. Her work reflects her passion and creativity, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented writer. See you in Denver at APA!