Payroll Congress – Notice Ninja Attendance Recap


In late-May 2023, the Notice Ninja, Inc. team attended Payroll Congress in Denver, along with the other main representatives of the U.S. payroll industry.  

The Payroll Congress holds a rich tradition for the Notice Ninja team that predates the establishment of Notice Ninja Inc. itself. It has been a longstanding commitment for our team, fostering a deep-rooted dedication to excellence in the payroll industry. With our extensive experience and expertise, we continue to uphold this tradition, ensuring that our solutions align with payroll management's evolving needs and challenges. 


Attending the Payroll Congress holds a greater significance than a mere networking event for our team by providing us an opportunity to showcase our company's software and its support for payroll industry professionals. Payroll workers hold a vital position across diverse businesses and industries, despite being often overlooked and perceived as just another facet of business operations. They serve as an integral pillar in sustaining smooth company operations, facilitating their growth, development, and prosperity. 


Maintaining his personal tradition, Rick Pinkerman, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, delivered a keynote speech for the sixth year in a row. Alongside Rebecca Harshberger, he shared valuable insights and educated participants about the significance of tax compliance, providing critical information regarding upcoming industry transformations.   


As regulations shift, compliance reporting becomes more complicated – and the IRS is overworked, which makes reaching agents difficult. Their keynote presentation, and our company goals, aimed to help payroll professionals at every company understand how to be proactive about notices and provide the tools to do so seamlessly. 


Given the recent regulations on earned wage access and the IRS's distribution of hundreds of millions of notices to businesses – compensating for its leniency during the pandemic – payroll workers require comprehensive assistance to manage this coming influx. Therefore, any help we can provide to lighten their load is appreciated. 


"Payroll workers are expected to do their jobs, learn trends, and keep up with credits just as a requirement," Danny Tomasello, a Senior Sales Executive at Notice Ninja, Inc., said. "It's hard work, and they don't feel invested in."  


Notice Ninja, Inc. dedicates itself to facilitating seamless work processes to ensure efficient organization of notices using our cutting-edge tax automation software. With the evolving complexities of regulations and heightened IRS scrutiny from the IRS, our innovative solution is strategically positioned to provide invaluable assistance. Our software streamlines procedures and enhances follow-up capabilities, empowering businesses to navigate challenges with ease and professionalism. 


For Danny Tomasello, being at Payroll Congress as part of the Notice Ninja team was an event in and of itself. He attended with Jack Nolan and Andrew Walsh, who joined the Notice Ninja team after working together for years. The timing was right, and they had the opportunity to work with their friends, Rick Pinkerman and Amanda Reineke, the company's co-founders. 


"It was great – I reconnected with people I hadn't seen in 15 years," Tomasello said. Meeting old and new faces under the Notice Ninja, Inc. moniker made the experience very much worth it. 

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