Reduce Notice Handling Time by Over 50% with These 3 Steps

Processing tax notices on time is critical to avoiding fines, legal problems, and reputational issues. Many organizations don't have a robust notice management system and miss important deadlines.


While you have a few months to reply to some tax notices, many of them have a 30-day deadline. Without ensuring due urgency, it may be impossible to avoid unfavorable consequences.


In this post, we'll discuss three steps you can implement to optimize your notice management process and cut the handling time by 50%.


Cut Notice Handling Time in Half by Staying Organized

Organizing your tax notice management process ensures timely replies and prevents missed deadlines. It can help you reduce the handling time and keep notices from slipping through the cracks.


1. Create a Standard Procedure for Tax Notice Handling

Tax notices can often get overlooked and lost in the correspondence, only to surface after the deadline. You can optimize the process by establishing a clear procedure that outlines the steps your organization must take to handle notices.


This procedure should include:

  • Initial review – understanding what actions the notice requires and when to complete them
  • Role assignment – delegating the notice handling process to specific team members (in some cases, you may need to outsource notice processing to third-party professionals)
  • Data extraction – identifying key details and requirements and organizing them for further analysis
  • Structured response – preparing a relevant response before the deadline


You should also implement a follow-up procedure to track the progress of each notice and ensure that your company has taken all necessary actions.


2. Move Away from Manual Processes in Excel

Many organizations still use simple data management tools like Excel to process their notices. While these tools are useful for new or starting companies, their lack of functionality becomes a problem as businesses grow and receive more notices.


Outdated manual processes pose a risk for corporations that handle thousands of notices and other correspondence, making tracking notices at high volume difficult. If multiple staff members use the same document, tracking changes and updates is difficult, opening you up to a high percentage of human error, lost documents, and misinterpreted requirements.


Businesses can streamline notice handling by switching from Excel to robust data management programs with targeted features. Comprehensive software designed specifically for notice processing needs can automate numerous aspects of the procedure and reduce notice management time significantly.


3. Invest in Automation Software

Knowing what to do with a tax notice isn't enough to ensure a timely response and avoid unfortunate consequences. You could spend too much time on the task if you are still handling your tax notices manually or using a simple data management tool.


You could benefit from investing in automation tools to improve your notice-handling procedure and cut management time in half.  


Automation software like NOTICENINJA can help you speed up the notice processing time by half. It takes over all the manual tasks and:

  • Scans each notice with an OCR scan-to-capture feature
  • Converts each notice into a readable format for further analytics
  • Extract valuable data for notice processing easily
  • Creates a centralized data vault for notice analytics


You can let NOTICENINJA become your digital employee by using it to optimize your notice-handling tasks, speed up the process, and minimize errors in a singular motion. Its targeted functionality allows your team to avoid missed deadlines and prevent problems with tax authorities.


Reducing Notice Handling Time with NOTICENINJA

NOTICENINJA helps cut notice processing time in half by streamlining notice handling procedures, introducing automation tools to make uploading notices easier and creating workflows to ensure you can complete them within their deadline. It offers other sophisticated features, such as generating response templates, to simplify the process of optimizing tax notice management regardless of the volume of your correspondence.


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